my opportunity wants to setup a little intranet portal on LAN. We're about 100 customers at max. I'm considering Joomla on the home windows server atmosphere with XAMPP.

Just safe, is XAMPP efficient for serving about fifty to one hundred customers ? Is there some connection limits ? Also what about utilizing it like a webserver for any small intranet portal.

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XAMPP is "just" an accumulation of established programs for serving webpages. The underlaying apache are designed for much more the expected 100 customers.

I've not attempted it yet, but believe that possibly even the out-of-the-box configuration may be sufficient - otherwise you could customize the underlaying Apache and/or MySQL database based on your requirements.

XAMPP is simply a handy single-click installer for Apache/MySQL/PHP that is all that you should run Joomla. This stack forces a few of the biggest websites around the internet, and so i don't believe you'll encounter any problems there. The specs from the server are what you need to be most worried about, but any low-range server should have the ability to handle that capacity without blinking.

Just remember that the default configurations utilized by XAMPP are particularly created for designers focusing on their very own local machines: there is no root password for MySQL, permissions are extremely relaxed, etc. Take a while to undergo the config once you arrange it.

You might take a look at WAMP, based on your needs. Similar kind of factor but with similar problems that nickf mentioned.