I am thinking about moving numerous small client sites for an unmanaged VPS hosting provider. I've not made the decision which yet, but my understanding is the fact that they'll produce basics OS install (I'd prefer Debian or Ubuntu), an Ip, a root account, SSH, and that is about this.

Ideally, I must produce a complete VM picture of my set up setup and merely ship individuals bits towards the provider. Has anybody had any knowledge about this? I have seen Shaun discuss something similar to this in Coding Horror. But I am unsure if his experience is normal. I guess additionally, it is dependent on the kind of VM server utilized by the host.

Also, do such hosts provide reverse-DNS? That's kinda helpful for sites that send e-mails. I understand GMail has a tendency to bounce anything coming initially from from the server without them.

Finally, I'd most likely need multiple IP addresses as a minimum of a few the websites have SSL protection which does not use title-based virtual hosts. Has anybody encounter challenge with multiple Insolvency practitioners through VPS? I wouldn't think so, but I have heard whisperings towards the contrary.

Slicehost (referral link, should you so choose) offers reverse DNS, multiple Insolvency practitioners ($2/month/IP), Ubuntu/Debian (together with others). The only real criteria it does not support may be the ship-a-VM one, however it does allow you to clone VMs you've placed in their system via pictures. You can thus arrange it once, then copy that VM as numerous occasions as you desire.

In the event that's a sacrifice you are prepared to make, I recommend them - they have had great customer support the couple of occasions I have required to contact them, decent rates, along with a great admin after sales.

@ceejayoz: Thanks, it's like Slicehost is what I had been searching for. The shippable VM would be a nice-to-have, however i can do without it.

PS: I made use of your referral.

I love XenPlanet, their prices appear to become comparable, however they also permit you to purchase extra supplies like added disk space. Unsure when they allow you to buy additional bandwidth.

I have tried personally them for several different machines and located their plan to be excellent.