I've a current HTML5 web application which I will port to some native iOS application. The present application uses MongoDB (i.e. JSON) to keep all server-based data. The MongoDB server will still supply central data services towards the iOS application, but large amounts of information may also be held around the iOS client (e.g. 100,000 title and address records).

It appears my options will be to use SQLite or some kind of JSON framework. The title and address records have to be in your area searchable utilizing a high-performance predictive search (i.e. display search engine results while user types).

Can anybody recommend which data architecture/strategy could be most functional/performant around the iPad?

btw - I'm most likely likely to use MonoTouch to construct the iOS application.

Thank you.

Go SQlite, and investigate Apple's CoreData being an option as it is backed by sqlite along with a very complete package for database storage inside an iOS application.

If you wish to communicate with the sqlite database directly checkout FMDB like a good objective c abstraction layer.

A comercial option might be a package I have seen known as Locayta Search Mobile - they've good quality demo code

Certainly, use SQLite. Its performance will invariably beat simple JSON reading through.