i wish to validate when the user enter his correct information (city, region, country) from the registration form.

i wish to use maxmind because its free and 99.5% accurate (which is a good example for me personally)

now i just read there is a php version along with a apache version



which 's better to use? thanks

The Apache version does the research and puts the values into two atmosphere variables. What this means is it'll get it done for each request, plus you will have to go ahead and take values in the variables and employ them in some way.

The PHP version does the research whenever you refer to it as, i.e. you simply need get it done throughout the registration process, plus if you're writing the website with PHP you're midway there already.

I'd recommend while using PHP version.

I have not used at all this myself, but when portability is an issue then I'd consider the PHP version while you wouldn't need to customize the actual Apache installation.

Opt for the PHP version, unless of course you have to a geo-ip research every request. Small design query... Why validate it if you feel you know where he's? If you are planning to deal with the IP research as accurate, then perhaps you should prefill that portion of the form using the city, and allow the user raise a flag if it is wrong?

On the side note, The research is all about 99% accurate on the country basis, but will get substantially worse the greater granular you decide to go.