Question - how do you obtain a table component set-up correctly inside a domain based report to ensure that the table points towards the domain the report relies over?

Whenever a table component is dropped to the report designer, a wizard will get invoked that directs me for connecting to some databases. I realize the function of this, but I don't visit a mention of the the domain the report is applying. Basically go ahead and take route of not developing a dataset for that table through the wizard (because of my being unsure of how you can connect with the domain because the databases with this table), I recieve an 'empty' table - that is things i be prepared to happen.

Also, prior to the table was put into the report, the domain names fields were brought to the report by right hitting each area from inside the 'Domains Window'.

From here, just how can the fields in the domain get put into the table? I attempted dragging and shedding the fields towards the table so when the report operates with this particular set-up, it throws a mistake proclaiming that it can't discover the fields which were put into the table.

Can tables be utilized for domain based reviews? If that's the case, what am I missing?

Thanks ahead of time.