I am writing a wordpress newspaper theme. Since the theme utilizes multiple loops, it creates lots of queries. Plus, I must make several choices dynamic since the theme is going to be launched towards the public (and so i can't hardcode a lot of things).

Around the top of the page, having a typical setup (a high story area, five newsboxes [that's five wordpress loops], a primary menu, another menu along with a footer menu plus six sidebars) with no plug ins, the entire query count is 154. I am unsure if I am permitted to publish a hyperlink, but this is actually the page: http://pixelplanethemes.com/citizenpress/demo/

How's the loading time for you personally? The query count for me personally is 154 ins543 seconds (you can observe the query count within the footer). Sometimes the count is greater, but once i refresh it the amount goes lower for this.

I understand the dpi is extremely high, however i have no clue how you can reduce it because my programming abilities are not so high. I have seen huge forums that have only 14 queries. My primary real question is, do you consider the dpi is simply too high? Thank you for any advice.

I am using Wordpress_Query object to handle multiple query loops. It is possible to method to cache it without requiring to utilize a wordpress plugin?

There are several other noticeable issues, including resizing pictures in HTML, rather than using thumbnail versions.

Load time for me personally (no cache, full load) is 9.89 seconds. That's dead slow.

Will I think 154 queries to render a top of the page isn't good? Yes. Wordpress is really a pig but it is not that a pig.

I understand this is not precisely what you are searching for, but among the simpler methods to create less queries would be to compile scripts rather than running queries for everybody data set. You most likely do not have 100 tables, probably only 20 approximately. What exactly you'd do is create some demands for data after which pull that data all at one time via a single query rather than multiple queries prior to the page load.

Based on your internet host and bandwidth, that load time is not bad.

EDIT: Nevertheless, you have some of other HTML issues because the other poster mentioned which are leading to much bigger lag occasions.