I've an android application and contains an effort version. I wish to store users' imei amounts and installation dates on serverside and than check each time when user uses this application to understand if trial version is expired. Since i'm not experienced on server side programming i had been wishing this type of cloud service would solve my problem. Before i jump in it i'd like to be certain if simpleDB is appropriate service for me personally and when not would you suggest another solution ?

The main problem is safely storing the access qualifications. To gain access to the SimpleDB service with no intermediate server, you will need to keep access qualifications inside your Android application. They are accessible with hardly any skill (text editor?) and may potentially allow unsanctioned use of you Amazon . com Web Services account.

For some time there has been some choices for creating extra qualifications with different access levels (eg. read-only) but I have yet to understand more about this myself.


Amazon . com have up-to-date their Android libraries with improved credential management. This answer for anonymous, read-only access describes in greater detail using AWS Identity &lifier Access Management.