I am unintentionally running a Wordpress website who provides extensive success at this time. The website grew to become really really slow, and so i made the decision to tune up:

  • I lately transformed from Apache to Lighttpd
  • My static images, js and css are running through Edgecast
  • Cloudflare is controlling my DNS

Despite this new setup, the website is actually slow (i am talking about a webpage is loading in 10-seconds). Sometimes, the website isn't even responding to. I am still trying to puzzle out why, and so i triggered the stat module from Lighttpd. From things i see, the majority of the demands visit the top of the page. These originate from Cloudflare. My real question is : I figured Cloudflare was caching pages. Why do still asking the frontpage several occasions inside a second?

Since I Have haven't any other great ideas to accelerate the web site, I am also searching for tips for those who have any. I believe, the majority of the slowness is triggered by Wordpress and all sorts of the plug ins I've.

Any help could be appreciated.

Can't talk to Cloudflare directly, but you can always install among the WordPress Caching Plug ins.

I suggest Hyper Cache. It's light-weight coupled with an easy configuration. Others convey more beef if you want them.

If CloudFlare is switched on on that domain, all demands goes through CloudFlare. Which means that your server is only going to see CloudFlare's Insolvency practitioners and all sorts of demands may be like it's originating from them.

To resolve this, you will find modules from CloudFlare available, however i don't think there's one suitable for Lighttpd. But, there's a CloudFlare wordpress plugin for WordPress that is going to do exactly the same factor.

CloudFlare doesn't cache HTML (aside from the "Always On" feature). Does utilize it to cache pages because it doesn't cache pages. It caches static assets like images, js, and css.

Due to this, you'll still require a page caching wordpress plugin. If you would like something full featured, go for W3TC. If you would like something simpler, choose HyperCache.