I've a credit card applicatoin that utilizes hibernate and JPA to handle database. I understand that hibernate can make the database tables for me personally, however, I have discovered that I have to first produce the database files and also the database user account before hibernate can make the tables. It is possible to method for hibernate to complete produce the database and user take into account me?

If the was possible, this means that the exterior process can make accounts, databases and tables within the database with no access privileges. I believe we do not want this.

Regrettably not.

For just one, Hibernate/JPA depends on the persistence.xml and particularly the JDBC connection URL needed -- that have the title and user of the database.

Hibernate/JPA are ORM frameworks: Object Relational mapping frameworks made to map Java code to database objects.

What exactly are your causes of wanting this? I'm able to only think for testing reasons, for the reason that situation you should use an in memory database (for example HSQLDB).