Can be done store a listing within application, without always getting a database? Otherwise, what will be the simplest method to store an easy list?

You will find a number of ways for Data Storage in Android: Have a look towards the developer zone, you've all the details you'll need there:

Shared Preferences Store private primitive data in key-value pairs.

Internal Storage Store personal information around the device memory.

External Storage Store public data around the shared exterior storage.

SQLite Databases Store structured data inside a private database.

Network Connection Store data on the internet with your personal network server.

You can request for any kind of storage whenever you already find the one which best meets your needs.

You will find multiple persistence options to databases. To title a couple of (accessible with Java), you are able to

  • Use simple files (with serialisation, or any other config format - for the reason that situation have a look at commons configuration)
  • Write XML content (with XML serialization - again ?!? - or any other systems, like XStream, JAXB, ...)
  • Use any NoSQL storage (graph DB, document DB, and so forth, ...)
  • Use prevalence layer (like space4j)
  • Use transactionnal data store (like JDBM)

To title merely a couple of of the numerous storage capabilities from Java

You will find a few ways, consider the doc

It is dependent around the items in their email list you're focusing on. In case your List is storing "Simple-Objects" only (like Listing of String Listing of integer or any other Objects with merely a couple of people) you should use SharedPrefenrences that are build in in Android. They require a vital along with a value. Therefore if your List consists of 5 Objects of - allows say Indicates make it simple - it can save you them like

SharedPreferences.Editor editor = getSharedPreferences("YourListName", MODE_PRIVATE).edit();
for(int i = 0; i < YOUR_LIST.count() ; i++){
    Point p = YOUR_LIST.get(i);
    editor.putInt("Element" + i + " X", p.x);
    editor.putInt("Element" + i + " Y", p.y);

to recieve it can you can just say

SharedPreferences prefs = getSharedPreferences("YourListName", MODE_PRIVATE);
Map<String, ?> map = prefs.getAll();

Java enables you to employ serialization of objects with easy API. Here there's a technical article from java web site.