I understand that Wordpress will grant the development of a Blog with an already bought domain or subdomain. Additionally they will host your blog free of charge, like Blogger does, inducing the blog being under their domain.

Basically host your blog, meaning I place the blog around the client's domain, they are able to have something similar to myblog.myclientsite.com, versus. myblog.blogger.com or myblog.wordpress.com.

I just read that web spiders LOVE blogs. So I have been considering the way i would offer and setup your blog for any client.

Question - Which technique is best? Place the Blog around the client's domain or let Wordpress/Blogger host it?

I request because I wish to determine if letting Wordpress/Blogger host it will be less beneficial if this involves Search engine optimization for any client's site. I understand I'm going to be connecting towards the blog in the client's site, but is it more beneficial to achieve the blog around the client's domain??? Does any one of this matter?

I certainly take some insight and expert consultancy about this...your input is greatly appreciated:)

For Search engine optimization reasons, both of them are pretty much equal. Self-hosting is much more work (though Wordpress is extremely simple to setup/administrate), and fewer secure (theoretically) than hosting at wordpress.com, because you have to maintain updates/patches a bit more diligently when hosting a Wordpress blog yourself. Every client I have ever endured wanted a self-located wordpress blog - they think it is more professional to possess blog.examplesite.com versus. examplesite.wordpress.com.