We now have used Joomla being an out-of-box Content management systems for the company website.

Now we've got essential from customer to produce a travel recommendation website. Customer not used at all Joomla for programming. He's used Joomla like a out-of-box component.

They have to create destination and write on on destination with comments, rating etc through the other customers. But he really wants to re-make use of the existing Joomla modules/plug-inches to prevent development cost.

Anybody experienced here using Joomla for this type of task? I could not find better discussion for which Joomla may be used?

Your particular problem

The city extension for Joomla is Community Builder (CB). You will find also voting, leaving comments, bloging, etc. extensions available.

Your condition is to look for a combination which does what you would like for an acceptable extent. In case your customer isn't satisfied and it has MUSTS that the Joomla+Extensions solution does not provide you'll have to start hacking the extensions or start writing plug-inches.

Now hacking a Joomla installation isn't advisable since improving will end up hard along with a not upgraded Joomla installation is a superb security risk.

Ultimately you may be better of working on your own Joomla extension which does the thing you need it to complete, or avoid using Joomla whatsoever.

The greater extensions you utilize simultaneously, greater upkeep of compromised code is going to be.

Joomla benefits and drawbacks generally

Joomla is certainly among the best Content management systems however it always is dependent in your needs, what tools you utilize. Two websites can sort out the option greatly:

Content management systems overviews

  • OpensourceCMS A webpage where one can live-test on the 100 free Content management systems and other alike software
  • CMSMatrix Essentially an very large feature comparison matrix of just about 1000 (a thousend, yes) Content management systems and other alike software (in most cost ranges)

My very own experience story

There is a period, when Typo3 was strong among free Content management systems but that point has ended, the interface is cumbersome and complex, Typo3 has fallen far behind within the race. Then there is a period when Mambo grew to become strong and then Joomla split from Mambo and grew to become even more powerful. However the code legacy from the Joomla 1. series was strongly problematic along with a new player rapidly required the momentum: Drupal. Cleaner code, clearer node based architecture, maybe for many too challenging. In the same time frame when Drupal got strong and popular, the Joomla 1. series had serious security problems. Tales about compromised installations stacked up and Drupal had the pole position for a while. Joomla 1.5 is really a different story. It features a couple of fantastic additional features as well as in every upgrade (Now 1.5.10) increasingly more code follows OO, MVC along with other nice concepts. With the enormous insightful extensions (components, plug ins, design templates) Joomla certainly provides more options than every other free Content management systems. I have had several extrem cases (that I'd do custom development today) where only Joomla could fullfill all of the needs for any project. You will find additionally a couple of new names that have an excellent potential. Silverstripe for instance.

I'd recomend using two as they are Joomla extensions for what you're searching to complete:

Reviews: Jreviews

Social Networking: Jomsocial

Total price for that two components is about $200, but they may be integrated easily together.

Just added a few things:

  • CB's code does not appear very elegant (+ typically doesn't make use of the effective Joomla 1.5 MVC architecture.
  • You will find a few new social networking extensions available. JomSocial was pointed out, there is however also jCoummnity (although the code remains safe and secure, which means you can't consider it's inner workings) and JooCommunity that is free and free.