I have always known wordpress is a very popular content management systems but haven't really experienced it yet.

I'm going to be beginning to make use of wordpress and tampering with power grid based systems as the second approach to coding my sites.

Do you consider Wordpress is a great beginning point for individuals learning web design to adjust to different systems and broaden their understanding base?

No. WordPress would both hide important what exactly you need to understand for web design thus making you learn non-portable such things as their function APi. With that said, I am a large fan of WordPress, simply not like a learning tool. Each Content management systems is simply too different.

Much like I learned photography using unforgiving black and whitened, I believe it is best learning web design with no Content management systems, maybe one once you have mastered the fundamentals.

If you want to make use of some assistants, I recommend utilizing a framework created for web design as opposed to a Content management systems made to reduce the requirement for real web design. Without a lot of the languages and platforms you need to operate in, I can not give more specific advice.

No. Wordpress removes the necessity to understand how to write PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and (to some lesser extent) CSS.