Within the Application configuration on Facebook, I could save "localhost" as Application Domain for my local testing while building the page. Now after typing localhost - it is only not saved. other domain names are saved quickly and easily.

Any idea?

Is local testing option had ended? The other option will we have?


Use DynDNS service to help you access your pc (localhost) from online via domain eg ltye.dyndns.org

Dyn’s legendary free DNS service enables you to produce a hostname that points to your house or office Ip, supplying a easy URL for you personally to consider anywhere you've access to the internet.

While you within the attached image, localhost working perfectly:

Plush I examined application set up for localhost: https://applications.facebook.com/myapp, it really works perfectly too

You might be omitting secure canvas url section

enter image description here

You could include an entry inside your host file such as this...

127...1 debugging.myfacebookapp.com

You'll be able to set your 'App Domain' to 'debugging.myfacebookapp.com' that is basically localhost... Simples :)