I am very curious ...

Since MariaDB was created by Ulf Michael "Monty" Widenius, the creator of MySQL.

And from things i understand, MariaDB is really a fork of MySQL. The MariaDB community states the project "is stored current using the latest MySQL release in the same branch."

In addition, they're saying that MariaDB is really a "just works", "drop-in" alternative for MySQL that we think that means no code changes whatsoever for all of us client-side designers.

Also, MariaDB allegedly has better query performance, an enhanced InnoDB engine and freedom in the clutches of Oracle (the present who owns MySQL)

So, why do you will find only four miserable questions underneath the "mariadb" tag on SO?

Is MariaDB presently getting used in almost any real-world projects? Or do you use it very well like a drop in alternative for MySQL (as Monty claims) that nobody bothers to say they're utilizing it.

I must hear the encounters of people that have really used MariaDB within the wild (fully used application in real life conditions).


P.S. Monty, if you are here on SO, I'll like to hear your ideas about this.

I am using MariaDB (1 master, 1 slave, 1 backup slave) for any site that does 5 million page sights daily contributing to 3000 queries per second at peak time.

To be sure it "just works" which it works much better than MySQL.

The only real issues that I've experienced within the ~12 months that I have used it happen to be 2 MySQL bugs and also the Maria team continues to be quick to repair individuals bugs.

I really like it and I would suggest that everyone (regardless of what their require is) use MariaDB over MySQL. MariaDB is really a better MySQL. MariaDB includes the (awesome) InnoDB Wordpress plugin, Percona performance patches featuring, as well as an active team of developers that frequently fixes MySQL bugs age range before they reveal up within an official MySQL release.

Update - September 2011

MySQL 5.5 continues to be out for some time and 5.6 is searching great.

The MariaDB team has not launched a version of MariaDB that's according to MySQL 5.5. They've, however, added some optimizations that MySQL customers have wanted for any looong time. http://kb.askmonty.org/en/what-is-mariadb-53

You will find some +100,000 of downloads of MariaDB, but in comparison to MySQL 10-50M customers, MariaDB continues to be small.

As we're not monitoring customers, it's difficult to understand who's using MariaDB. What I know is the fact that among guests in free conferences, MariaDB is began to obtain well-known Up from some ten percent -> forty percent throughout the this past year.. It's taken a while for this the planet to spread. The greatest reason is most likely that as lengthy as Oracle was 'playing it safe with MySQL' there is not grounds for many to find an alternate and when you aren't searching you won't find...

We've got some customers to provide us success tales for his or her use of MariaDB. You'll find these here: http://kb.askmonty.org/en/mariadb-situation-studies.

What we should are concentrating on now's getting MariaDB 5.5 out and adding all of the close source functionality that is available in MySQL enterprise to MariaDB.

I selected MariaDB for any business intelligence system because of the supply from the Maria and XtraDB engines. It works well and has not unsuccessful me yet.

The only real problem which i discovered was some strange query results although testing the PBXT engine.