is mysql able to controlling the information for any site which holds plenty of data (say with 100s of countless customers)? which database will be the most capable/advantageous?

Wikipedia is dependant on MySQL. I do not think it's 100M customers, but it should be near by now.

No database will handle 100s of countless customers unless of course you are aware how to put it together correctly. Not one server could handle that type of traffic, so you should know how you can setup replication and load balancing. When you achieve a particular level, there's no as they are solution, only tools you should use. MySQL as being a very capable tool.

Your real question is really irrelevant, because creating a service or product that 100s of countless clients really want is really a larger and much more difficult challenge than selecting a database engine.

If you are beginning a company from nothing, choose a technical platform you know and opt for it: productivity and quick implementation could be more important than being scalable to an amount you might never achieve anyway.

Should you choose eventually be effective enough to suffer from 100s of countless clients, then you will certainly have the ability to enhance the cash to purchase whatever expertise and hardware you'll need.

You will find a few solutions for this.

Yes, MySQL can store 100s of countless records you should know what you are doing, possess a decent database schema, pretty robust hardware, but you are not pushing the limits.

Whenever you discuss "100s of countless customers", you are speaking in regards to a site like Wikipedia/Facebook/Google/Amazon . com in scale. You'll need a custom, highly cached, distributed architecture to operate a website at this scale - and also the traditional database driven application architecture will likely 't be enough. You can still store your computer data in MySQL, but you'd need a lot of additional components to really make it all work - and without learning more about the applying, nobody could let you know what that could be. At this scale, no generally used databases would suffice, so MySQL isn't any better or worse than the other available choices...