now we're employed in one project.for the reason that project we choosed HTML5 and CSS3 designed. but nonetheless we've confuse on server side scripting, whether php,ruby,python,scala,and increasingly more..our needs is certainly not but

  1. SERVER SCRIPTING LANGUAGE:our server side scripting language is safe and much more helpfull(easy development,security,maintenance) in anystage. are you able to please suggest me that is good at the moment(21-10-10)? sorry if the real question is make argument...
  2. and may you say that is current trend in web design language...not request about which language...but which trend(first functional programming to oops concepts...continues to be oops concepts or we switched to the recent trend? )
  3. and that i heard by utilizing proper oops class structure with any language we are able to enhance security? could it be true? i looked lot and much more than 7 days. but nonetheless confuse...
  4. DATABASE: still confuse which database is the best for us?

sorry to everybody if my question make hurt or make more discussion? and because of everybody...

It is dependent around the complexity of programs, performance needs, audience (corporate intranet, internet,...) and budget.

If you're able to give more particulars on these then you can find a much better suited answer and never a really general one (such as this)

And most importantly by which technology both you and your team are comfy with. A Java project and PHP project's success, in completion and gratifaction is much more around the team's expertise and experience than you are on the word what itself, to some large degree.

See also these questions: (php vs python) scalability, PHP and Java performance and scalability comparison, and this article by Joel.

Ok, you requested about security:

It's the application architecture and code that decides security in the finish during the day, not the word what itself. OOP is a fairly paragdim to code, makes developemnt and maintenance (perhaps)simpler, but finish during the day, it's the way you implement it, what your architecture is, and just how good you coding practices are.

OOP alone won't build your site secure. Nor will using any particular language or OS or framework. Only good practices can help you, and many of individuals apply no matter paradigm, language, or platform.

For language recognition, PHP, Python, and Ruby (on Rails) appear pretty popular. Just like .internet languages, particularly C#. Don't mistake "popular" for "good" or especially "secure", though -- you need to judge the languages on your own, and do not trust what some random geek around the intarwebz informs you, as we are not those who'll need to build stuff by using it. And most importantly, stick to the guidelines for that language/framework you select, or any benefits it states offer will probably be null and void.