I am creating something which will comprise a cloud-based database (having a UI for all of us to handle the information), after which a mobile application for finish-customers that shows the information to individuals who would like it (mainly read-only). The finish-customers is going to be anonymous, and won't have a person account.

Theoretically pressure.com suits me well:

  • It's a solid, cloud-based database

  • We have an API and mobile SDKs

  • It features a UI, so controlling the information is simple, without writing lots of form code

  • It scales

It's advantages over Azure and Google Application Engine for the reason that there's already a very neat UI for creating and controlling database objects, and running reviews/dashboards around the data. Which means I'm able to take more time around the client application.

However my reading through from the paperwork indicates that pressure.com is made for enterprise applications, where every user includes a user account, that is completely different. Therefore if I made use of pressure.com I'd be hard-coding login particulars in to the mobile client application and taking advantage of a session login, coupled with just one shared user account with limited access permissions. i.e. each and every API call is going to be in the same user account, but across hundreds of 1000's of products.

My connection with Sales force is the fact that it is good before you hit a restriction, plus they emerge from nowhere. "You've hit the limit of research fields" waaaah? "You can't access lengthy text fields from formulas" waaah! "you can't give a roll-up summary area to some research relationship" aaaargh! So with all this, I have to know very well what limits may apply with pressure.com and so i know very well what I am engaging in from the beginning:

Here would be the sub-questions I am searching to reply to:

  • Will pressure.com provide the same per-transaction and per-record charges as database.com?
  • Is pressure.com created for my scenario, or only enterprise applications where each user signs in?
  • What are the limits on transaction volume? Do you know the limits for every transaction? I suppose there is a governor limit.
  • What are the limits on concurrent transactions per user account? The paperwork appear to advise a max 10 which may render pressure.com useless in my experience, and can database.com have this limit?

  • Can One bypass the intensely irritating "activation" process for accounts, without establishing a cookie around the client OR indicating IP range around the server (neither are practical).

If anybody can shed any light on using pressure.com within this scenario I'd be very grateful. I'd be particularly interested to listen to from anybody that has built this kind of application.

This continues to be up for some time but appears no-it's possible to help directly. Otherwise with pressure.com, can anybody recommend a cloud-based platform that may suit my criteria?