I am learning Ruby on Rails and doing the contactlist factor, 20 minute blog and so forth, however i am worried about using RoR with existing non-MySQL databases. I understand RoR can talk to non-MySQL actually, I'm using jRuby on Rails in order to use JDBC.

My real question is how RoR works together with existing database. Will I lose all the advantage of using RoR when I am using existing databases? I'd rather not always genearate updates and more. I must be cautious about that because it is very senstive. I simply seem like learning all of this framework "stuff" might be for naught because nearly all what I'll be doing isn't a new database and all sorts of the "fancy" stuff RoR does won't even seem sensible for me personally. And That I absolutely cannot alter the data to a different databases. I've a variety of databases hitting and produce in one web page.

FWIW, I'm used asp.internet (non-MVC), table plugs, and ODBC (all intranet), but am this is not on a Microsoft server right now. I'm on Mac OS X Server 10.5.7, jruby, jdbc, ror.

Shall We Be Held while using wrong framework for which I want? I are able to see PHP working like Classic ASP, however i cannot yet otherwise this could happen for RoR and that i don't want to make use of php, basically do not have to. JSP and also the J2EE stack is really a possibility.


EDIT: Can there be any benefit to using RoR within this context? I requested this towards the Django folks annually of so ago and only agreed to be told that maybe it had not been great for legacy data. I'd rather not have great results just like a round peg inside a square hole so I'm able to say I am using RoR and ruby. Would I best with j2ee, hibernate within this?

EDIT: Is J2EE and MVC the greater approach to take for which I've referred to?

It really works, but you need to perform a much more try to make unexpected things happen.

The typical discomfort points when you are utilizing an existing schema with ActiveRecord / Rails are:

  • table names
  • foreign key names
  • primary secrets (especially composite primary secrets)

ActiveRecord makes a lot of presumptions about how exactly you've things setup. You will find overrides in many cases, although not everything. You are able to usually get the majority of the way there unless of course you are doing strange things inside your table structure to begin with.