I've got a setup, with tomcat running on port 8080 and apache webserver running on port 80.

Therefore if I access http://localhost:8080/myapplication/ , it really works.

But I have to have the ability to allow it to be like : http://localhost/application/. however , since my http web server operates on port 80, it appears which i take some re-direction logic or changes in the tomcat to do this.

Can anybody please suggest i way to avoid it. Thanks.

UPDATE: Just discovered that there's already an answer provided here: How do I redirect from Apache to Tomcat?

You have to consider the Tomcat-Apache HOWTO.

It's possible and actually very common for apache and tomcat for use together through the tactics referred to within this page.

Which question really most likely goes on serverfault...

Because you pointed out about "customers", I'm speculating you're implying "hostname", whenever you mention "localhost". For those who have a lot Balancer along with a easy to use DNS title that you'd share with the customers, you are able to configure your Load Balancer software to route all demands to "hostnameyougavetotheUsers" to "yourinternalhostname:8080".