I finally finished my first rails application, and I must release it. But I don't know whether if SQLite is a good example. Do people make use of this for used production atmosphere too?

I designed a craiglist like application for my school, where people can read text based records.

Adequate for which. What's the load, the number of transactions per second. What type of concurrency are you currently expecting. More particulars please.

Also check this out page: http://world wide web.sqlite.org/whentouse.html

SQLite performance sucks under concurrent loads, resulting in high latency when upgrading database rows, since the entire db file is locked throughout a write. Mysql etc. do row-level securing, thus enabling greater degree of concurrent demands.

It's a terrific way to get began also it can work in gently loaded conditions, but it won't scale perfectly inside a read/write atmosphere.

The good thing is that switching to some full RDBMS like MySQL or Postgres is generally very straightforward.