Can someone let me know whether the amount of MySQL procs (average) at .39 is??? I have become it lower from 1.18 - 1.24 range. Our hosting that is shared provider states their limit is .4. Our website isn't real large, though does take advantage of 5 DBs and it has several pages that connect with the different DBs. In my experience it does not appear just like a lot, however i don't have any frame of reference. Traffic has virtually been exactly the same going back 9 several weeks. We’re calculating 108/visits daily and 5,234 page sights per month. Most DB tables are small, the 2 biggest remain 6,200 records and also the other is about 350,000 records. The big one I had been thinking about archiving some old not-necessary data from in the past and re-indexing to assist performance, though unsure if this sounds like an problem.

It appears like type of a great deal to me, yeah, for that type of traffic you are speaking about. I suspect you've some slow queries happening that will take advantage of better indexing, or possibly some extended maintenance jobs. You might like to consider MySQL's slow query logging faculty.