I'm a new comer to NOSQL world but still evaluating between nosql and sql databases,
I Simply attempted making couple of samples using mongodb.

I'm asking about saved methods whenever we send couple of parameters to 1 saved procedure which procedure execute quantity of other saved methods within the database, can get data from saved methods and send data to others.

Quite simply, can make the logic happen around the database side using sequence of functions and saved methods.

Is the fact that behavior or something like that exactly the same already exist on NOSQL databases, or its different and i'm thinking in the wrong manner?

Mongo uses saved Javascript inside a couple of places including Map/Reduce, db.eval and where clauses. Checkout this web site publish for any survey:

Working With Stored JavaScript in MongoDB

The important thing to storing your functions around the server and which makes them obtainable in these three contexts is db.system.js.save:

db.system.js.save( { _id : "foo" , value : function( x , y ){ return x + y; } } );

More particulars in the Mongo docs