I'm looking for a web-based project management software tool which includes SVN hosting as my team of designers are remote. I happened on the site known as Unfuddle and also have read decent reviews to date. I'm very protective of my code and wish to make certain I ensure that it stays resistant to any undesirable eyes. Has anybody used it and what are the better choices for my startup?

Thanks ahead of time!

I made use of Unfuddle for 2 different projects. I discovered it work perfectly and without significant problem. If you're very concerned about Unfuddle, we have an automatic backup that may either mail the backup for you or place it onto Amazon . com S3, and that means you can reinstate your svn repository elsewhere should you decide you do not such as the service.

+1 for Unfuddle. My only complaint presently is they don't (yet) support Mercurial, which I must investigate.

Unfuddle continues to be not-obtainable/ping-able for all of us now for many hrs today October 3rd, 2010 - no response from support@unfuddle.com with no help on forums yet :(

Got the note below. ~3 hrs after original email to aid.

David Croswell, March 03 05:05 pm (UTC): Eric,

Interesting email.

Please be aware that people know about this problem and therefore are trying to resolve it as being rapidly as you possibly can.

I am sorry for that inconvenience. For those who have every other questions, please don't hesitate to tell us.



-- David Croswell

Soon after the "we are focusing on it email from David", I acquired another saying the problem was fixed.

I loved Unfuddle okay, but wound up switching all my projects to Codaset. It feels easier and clumsy in my experience. That's mostly personal preference, obviously. Both services supported the job needs I'd.