Is wordpress a great way to develop a large Content management systems site and can you really build my very own PHP applications which will use wordpres.

Having a 100K pages it may be a really bad idea to make use of among the standard Content management systems. Your costs might be centered through the work(flow) to obtain individuals 100K pages in to the system and also to maintain them. A custom solution by having an exact fit towards the workflow you'll need might be a lot cheaper.

That is dependent on what you would like related to your site and just how much individuals will lead into it. I build Content management systems-driven websites in WordPress, as well as code in php - mysql. But which are websites for little companies where one or two individuals have access privileges. If you prefer a large website with many different pages and lots of contributing factors (different persons for various teams) then Drupal is the foremost choice. Maybe should you provide us with more details about what you would like related to your site, we're able to better assist you to.

If you are planning of simply getting a lot of blog publish (virtually that) handled with a couple of choose number of customers, then building on the top of wordpress may be beneficial.
However, if you wish to have regular pages, blogs, along with other content, you essentially have 2 options. Either you develop a custom after sales (utilizing a framework or otherwise) or make use of a full-blown Content management systems for example Joomla or Drupal.

Yes, WordPress are designed for 100k+ publish installations. Yes, you are able to custom code applications that hook in to the WordPress API or into the database.

@cdonner's response is a great point, though. WordPress performs exceptionally well in a very specific kind of content - blogs. If you are searching to perform a 100k+ page site that isn't your blog (or greatly like one), another more general Content management systems will probably suit you best. Wordpress could be compromised right into a generalised Content management systems, however it wasn't made to be one.

I'd opt for Content management systems software (Drupal, Silverstripe, Joomla, ...) instead of Blog software. When you can reason that you'll be able to do the same things with Wordpress, I believe that it is blog-origin could possibly get in the manner if this involves controlling content types apart from blogs.

You other real question is true for the items which i pointed out - every one has APIs which are uncovered and recorded.