I'm attempting to install PHP in your area in order to run PHP files. However , I'm not in a position to do the installation correctly although I'm attempting to do as instructed. And So I am following a instructions provided in this website for instance:


and that i aren't able to find the file: confhttpd.conf

Unsure what direction to go. Also, it is possible to simpler method to install PHP.

I'm using Apache 6.x on Home windows Server 2008. I'm attempting to install PHP 5.2.x and also the reason i'm doing the reason being I wish to setup a Cleaning soap server to be able to call people to some internal server from an exterior source.

Any assistance is appreciated :)

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I didn't know there is an Apache 6.x version, are you currently using Tomcat? If that's the case, that tutorial is perfect for the Apache 2.x HTTP Server, not Tomcat, you should locate one for Tomcat ( Setting up PHP5 on Tomcat on Home windows Tutorial )

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You need to try the XAMPP package: http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html.

Also, make certain to that particular apache is installed correctly. You need to re start it, before testing the php.