Related straight to this publish, I'm getting trouble applying some seem advice given from @sean, because as you can tell in this article:

http://world wide - I've wrapped the shape tags round the table element, however the form just does not appear to become working, and absolutely nothing ever will get "Publish"erectile dysfunction either. I have transformed the code around abit to experiment, but haven't found an answer, with no search anywhere has shown to be helpful yet.

I'd appreciate any help whatsoever. I am completely baffled!


P.S. I figured that maybe the truth that I'm wrapping form elements around dynamically produced content might be why the shape is not working, but that does not make much sense in my experience and, I have tried it before, to ensure that can not be it, will it?


I understand, it's lengthy, apologies ahead of time. :)


   // (c) code removed ) problem solved - because of everybody who assisted!


I believe your condition is by using:

function submit() 


function submit() 

It appears as if you are utilizing jQuery within the page so you might use:

function submit() 

Your using javascript to submit the shape, but you're referencing document.myform which does not exsist.

do this rather.


// do sumbit first type of document


document.getElementById is not required here. document.myform depends on Title attribute of FORM element, incidentally