It is possible to "best" or even more popular database for stand alone Java application? I am presently writing manually, but I must understand what is generally done, if there's something that's generally done.

update: speaking about small application (may grow, nevertheless its small for the time being)

I recommend using something similar to SQLite with SQLiteJDBC.

Additionally, it seems like HyperSQL and Derby (which ships with certain Java versions) are popular options.

Java 6 ships with Derby (re-named JavaDB). You can use it in memory or server mode.

HyperSQL (HSQLDB) can also be popular.

Now you ask ,: Exactly what do you realize under "best" ? My suggestion H2 that is embedded..

For development reasons, I frequently make use of the Hypersonic SQL Database (HSQLDB). It's fast and light-weight, and sufficiently good to get began. For any bigger application, I'd choose Derby, which assists more options.

The primary rivals - HyperSQL (HSQLDB), JavaDB (Derby) and SQLite (not java-based) were pointed out.

You will find a couple of other available choices:

  • db4o - object database
  • FirebirdSQL - not java-based.
  • Jackrabit - a content repository (not RDBMS) supporting embedded mode.
  • HSQLDB is really a well-established option.
  • JavaDB has the development package