I'm searching for a set-file (or serverless) database will be able to connect with a C# Silverlight application.

There needs to be one, however i aren't able to find anything.

EDIT: SQLite is one particular flat-file database. A set-file database in my opinion is any database that doesn't need a server. Regrettably, SQLite doesn't work with Silverlight.

What I wish to achieve would be to have the ability to store, update and remove records in the database. During my application, there's a chart with industries and nodes. I wish to have the ability to edit industries and store their configurations within the database, and I wish to have the ability to add/retrieve/edit/remove nodes around the chart.

The database must be free for educational reasons.

EDIT: This database I want to be used on the mobile phone. So there can not be any service that listens. When I only say "serverless", I am talking about serverless, I am unable to use a localhost server. It must read data from the file and email the file.


Microsoft just launched SQL Server CE 4., which may be used in the way I believe you would like.

ScottGu's blog - SQL CE

Being an aside, In my opinion a set-file database is a composed of tables without any associations defined together (i.e. an Stand out spreadsheet).

A set-file database in my opinion is any database that doesn't need a server.

No free versions of SQL database management systems need a server. These can be used in your desktop or laptop. Expect these to operate a background service that "listens" that you should try to create a link with their databases, though.

I have heard about many people doing lightweight storage using XML. I'm not sure just how much grief it's for Silverlight applications.

I'd expect Silverlight to experience more nicely with a few version of Microsoft's SQL Server.

If you are using Microsoft technology for educational reasons, you may curently have a website license which includes Microsoft Access. (This observation tossed set for completeness.)

So far as I understand, these types of cost free, no matter their use. Within the days of old, some high-finish SQL dbms had free versions that may be employed for evaluation and development, but could not legally be utilized for commercial reasons. So far as I understand, none of those obtain that restriction nowadays. So, unless of course I have skipped something, they are all free for educational reasons. A number of them limit database size, some limit the amount of processors, etc.

Anyway, in no particular order . . .

Have you thought about getting together with a text file directly with file I/O?

Take a look at FileDb. Its precisely what your searching for - its flat-file, free, 100% .Internet, has small footprint and it is relational using LINQ. www.eztools-software.com/tools/filedb