I am searching for a statically produced, many-to-many, table of font names.

I am parsing font names from .PSD files, that are produced on OS X and Home windows computer systems.

I have to translate these font names to their nearest alternatives on Home windows GDI+.

A couple of example conversions I'd need:

TimesNewRomanPSMT -> Times New Roman
TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT -> Times New Roman, Bold
TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalicMT -> Times New Roman, Bold, Italic

Adobe includes a 1997 table for Adobe fonts, but it is incorrect for anything past Win95.

Ghostscript includes a table of font names, however it only covers in regards to a dozen home windows mappings.

Is type of database available anywhere?

Introspective research into the home windows fonts provides a partial table, however it would be also way too slow - this PSD parsing and re-rendering is going on within an HTTP request. I possibly could statically generate it, bit it might add administrative overhead becasue it is too lengthy to operate at application startup, and will have to be achieved by hand.

I had been wishing this type of mapping table was already produced collaboratively somewhere.

To the PsdComposer plugin on http://imageresizing.net/