i'm searching for a totally free Webhost for JSF sites..
regrettably i did not find any by Google.

It is only for testing .. i understand .. i possibly could test drive it with localhost. however i do wish to have real-time conditions.

So I am afraid they are not free, but they're pretty close.

Have you thought about utilizing a cloud computing service. You have to pay on an hourly basis, typically pennies, that you employ so when you do not need the device instance it may be switched off. You should look for a server instance that did that which you needed or build your own but when done you've a number of machines available when needed that is free of charge if not being used.

A couple of the greatest, although you will find others, are Amazon . com EC2 and Rack Space Mosso

Mosso for instance begins at $.015 an hour or so. For any machine with 1GB RAM and 40GB HD it's $.06 and hour.

Just purchase a virtual host and setup anything you want. EC2 works, but you can aquire a full-time server from linode.com beginning just $20 per month or something like that. I am sure you will find other available choices available. Running an EC2 instance all month lengthy would cost about $70 for that least expensive option.

Try Google Application Engine. As near to free as you will get.

Here's an article on getting Jboss Seam running on GAE.