Let me possess a version control server (ideally SVN) accessible on the web without needing to host my very own (linux) server. Establishing a house server ala DynDNS isn't a choice.

Are you able to have non-public (maybe single-user) projects on among the OSS project hosting sites? Or exist options?

I'd a glance at Google Code. But that looked very public in my experience.

Any help could be greatly appreciated :-)

Provide a turn to :

Unfuddle - comes with an option that's free. and never public.

ProjectLocker also offers private free Subversion hosting and free Git hosting, as much as 300 Megabytes. You receive limitless databases (projects), and every has a Trac too.

Disclaimer: Sometimes for ProjectLocker.

Assembla includes a free (a little limited) plan and in the FAQ you may make a project private. Supports "Subversion, Git, Mercurial [and Trac]".

bitbucket.org supports only Mercurial and also the free plan enables one private repository.

SSH Control offers "GIT, HG (Mercurial), SVN (Subversion) over SSH" and it is free for small projects.

Beanstalk includes a free hosting option, although it's restricted to 20MB databases.

I've collected the majority of the previous solutions for this question, added more which i understood about, making some detailed comparison tables on this wiki, which anybody can edit.

Additionally, there are OpenSVN

cvsdude has free plan. Limited though.

Code spaces includes a free option. It's limited, however i have simple needs so I have been pleased with them.

You might like to take a look at origo. They provide a subversion repository, a wiki as well as an problem tracker.

It's free for both free and closed source (private) projects.

Most hosts with cpanel possess a compete user interface for establishing SVN. If you would like dead-simple, there you have it.

Establishing your personal repository is really a rewarding experience. It will likewise get you prepared for all of the head aches you are certain to encounter if you need to do your first branch merge. I would suggest you making the effort to acquaint yourself with subversion.