I am thinking about beginning a wide open-source project depending on a concept from another thread, and i believe that it might be valuable to possess a system in position to permit ideas for that new project to become suggested and chosen up and lower. I came across the IdeaTorrent web-application, which is what I am searching for, with the exception that I'd have to enroll in web-hosting and do the installation myself.

What are the open-source software project hosting web-sites which have this type of voting feature available already? Can anybody think about a different way to rapidly and simply accomplish this kind of collaboration? If you will find not one other options, I'm prepared to learn how to setup IdeaTorrent myself.

Update: I have examined both options recommended and located that every has pros and cons. Uservoice is much more polished and utilizes a short subject line coupled with an limitless description. However, additionally, it only enables customers to allocate 10 votes at any given time. Google Moderator includes a simpler upmod/downmod system, that we prefer, however it only enables 250 figures for the entire idea description. It appears in my experience that Uservoice is the foremost option at this time.

Another update: IdeaTorrent has become offered at Sourceforge.internet (thanks scottyab).

uservoice.com (as utilized by SO)

Additionally, there are Google Moderator.

IdeaTorrent has become an element of sourceforge (in the same manner phpBB and mediaWiki)

Slinkset is fairly nice. It's pretty easy to produce a new site, and incredibly easy to personalize.