I'm wondering if there's a higher-quality, (with open source) report on projects such as the apache software foundation.

What about one which groups projects into domain names, i.e. web frameworks, texting, etc?

( I had been searching for something to assist pick open-source technologies for the problem when developing projects on your own )

Try the Free Software Directory. There is a Groups sidebar should you scroll lower the page.

You may consider Ohloh. It lists quite a lot of project from across different project management software sites. It categorizes them using tags.

Additionally, it provides stats how active the projects are, that is frequently nice to determine whether a task continues to be active.

We use a few of the OpenSymphony components:

  • SiteMesh
  • Quarta movement

...simply to pick two.

Sourceforge and Freshmeat have searchable databases of open source.