I personally use Aptana for two or three several weeks now and i am happy by using it. Consider i have to use Joomla! and also to write some modules, compenents, etc... I'd have prefer to determine if there's a joomla wordpress plugin for Aptana ?

I'd just enjoy having autocompletion, autosuggest, links to techniques and sophistication from the Joomla API

Any ideas ?


So far as i know, there is not any.

However I think for which your searching for this can rely on really the way you setup your development atmosphere. To begin, you could utilize the aptana PHP wordpress plugin, then produce a new 'Joomla' Project, pointing for your entire Joomla folder.

I personally use aptana but exclusively for javaScript. none-the-less if autocompletion and autosuggestion are what you're searching for with php, u will like phpEdit or phpDesigner, when you produce a new project, and indicate the origin folder, you are prepared to begin working. Unlike aptana and eclipse, (if you could) you will not have to add specific code libraries towards the project!!

Codelobster PHP Edition is free of charge however the Joomla plug-was NOT you are able to download the IDE having a 30day trial from the plug-in...

The reply to enable Joomla code help in Aptana Studio is within this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HCqomfey34. To Aptana Studio 3.

After creating any project, visit Project > Qualities > PHP Buildpath > Exterior Sites > Add... and select the Joomla framework folder (your_joomla_folder/libraries/joomla).