It is possible to limit to the number of tables you could have inside a database? Would this be looked at bad programming or whatever? I've got a large amount of user information and I am wondering if it might be ok to possess many tables?

If you are thinking about this, you need to most likely alter the way you are wanting to store data. It's generally considered a poor practice to possess a database schema where the amount of tables develops with time. An easy method to keep information is to possess determining posts (just like a User ID) and employ a row for every user. You could have multiple tables for various kinds of data, but should not have tables for every user.

not often a logical limit no. but this begs the discussion - why can you think you may approach a restriction? if you are creating several tables, than the feels as though maybe you want to become creating several rows rather... possibly you can elaborate in your idea therefore we could provide some schema guidance..?

Usually the limit, if there's one, ought to be big enough never fear about. When you are worrying about this, you've bigger problems. For example should you be coping with clients who've orders, you'd produce a table for clients along with a table for orders. You shouldn't be developing a table for every customer.

No, mysql doesn't have a restriction to quantity of tables inside a database, although clearly you will be restricted because when much disk space available for you.

Nevertheless, if you are asking this, your prospective design is most likely fairly ugly.

Just found this

If you suspect you'll have a lot more than a million tables, you should look at redecorating the database ) Also note, this blogpost comes from 2006.

Yep, there's a restriction.. but you'll probably think it is. 65,000 last I heard..,100653,100653

in case your primary id is definitely an INT then you've maximum limit of 4294967295 having a width of 11 numbers. use BIGINT for any whopping 18446744073709551615 records. i believe your be ok for the time being.

btw i look them amounts up inside a book not online