Let me learn CouchDB and wondered if there is a number provider that offered CouchDB services. For those who have used one please detail your encounters.


I came across thta CouchDB will come in Ubuntu on the VM slice. I'm thinking about anyone's knowledge about running the VM solution and being able to access the information with .Internet. Is really a hybrid solution achievable with .Internet web server and Relaxation calls to CouchDB on Linux? What extra safety measures did you need to take. Was mix site scripting an issue?

2 services presently available:

  • CloudAnt - A Y-Combinator start-up. It's from its beta period.

  • CouchOne - A couchdb working as a consultant which has branched out into couchdb hosting services. Still in beta.

couch.io is definitely an in-beta (presently invite-only) handled hosting and support company for CouchDB. They provide Apache-located Couch DB. For learning CouchDB, however, it's simplest to operate in your area. If you are on the Mac, take a look at CouchDBX, an application providing you with a user friendly GUI for beginning/preventing an area CouchDB instance.

I am a .Internet developer, and I have been having fun with CouchDB. I've it running on the Ubuntu Server inside a Hyper-V VM on Hyper-V Server, and I've been making calls into it with C# code. It's labored fine that i can connect with, aside from the very fact it's on the different machine (that is how it will likely be used anyway).

Tonight I simply installed CouchDB .10 on Home windows 7 64-bit. It appears to become working fine in your area. I've not had the opportunity to duplicate from my server though. The server is running a mature version I build from source to ensure that may be the problem.

I'd recommend setting up it on Home windows. It had been pretty painless. Listed here are the downloads you will need: http://wiki.apache.org/couchdb/Home windows%5Fbinary%5Finstaller. I installed the 32 bit version of all things. Once it's all regulated installed, just run "Start CouchDB" in your start menu. It runs a load file.

Because the transport layer of couchdb transport JSON via Relaxation over HTTP a unix couchdb server is perfectly accessible from the home windows .internet client.

To obtain began you are able to choose a Amazon . com EC2 AMI for ubuntu with couchdb and only pay for that time this machine is running.

  • Cloudant offers a number of CouchDB hosting options depending on their open-source distributed fork of CouchDB, BigCouch. Options vary from free plans having a soft cap at 250MB, to compensated intentions of a shared cluster beginning at $15/month, in addition to devoted cluster solutions.

  • CouchOne offers free hosting using individual CouchDB instances. The service is within public beta.

Find out more about the main difference between Cloudant and CouchOne.

A classic question, but nonetheless pops up in the search engines searches, and so i desired to publish an update. Couchone hosting has become at http://world wide web.iriscouch.com/ - this really is still free couchdb hosting.