We use SVN at the office (ie. this really is not a wide open-source project) and also have an off-shoreline team employed in our code. I'd like to have the ability to communicate better together and also the leaving comments system supplied by GitHub could be perfect.

With GitHub's system I'm able to begin a discussion on any type of code inside a commit.

So, my question: does anybody are conscious of a located SVN provider which has a similar tool?

To become obvious, I am searching particularly for discussion tools that permit convenient discussion concerning the code. The GitHub tool allows you begin attorney at law on the type of code within the source browser.

I am not searching for a proper peer-review tool, but instead attorney at law tool made to promote conversation concerning the code inside a commit.

We're using Assembla presently plus they don't offer this kind of functionality either in the Trac repository browser or their house-grown repository browser.

Example online

It wouldn't be located, however, you can setup outdoors source version from the Google Code Review tool formerly noted by @SilentGhost that is named Rietveld:

Out of the box, it operates on Google AppEngine. You can host this yourself while using AppEngine SDK and Apache's mod_proxy, though I wouldn't recommend this when the site will be openly visible because the SDK clearly notes that it's not intended for production and therefore security is gently considered.

Alternatively, Google has additionally launched something for transforming AppEngine programs into pure Django programs, for you to then host via your preferred python web run time. On the top of the, the demo application conversion that's incorporated is really Rietveld so they have being careful of the for you personally. See here for more information:

Any hosting providing you with use of Python. You should use Trac with discussion wordpress plugin

How about using Review Board?
The correct answer is simple to put not place, it is simple to restrict the access through password also it can be interfaced with SVN.

I understand it isn't a located service, but putting it in position is really easy it should not be show-stopper.

Google code provides CodeReview functionality, including chance of line-by-line leaving comments in addition to whole-commit comments.

I believe Beanstalk is the greatest available for located Subversion.

I believe you need to use git-svn and convert your subversion repository to Git and employ github, but Beanstalk is undoubtedly the very best when it comes to features.

Best wishes

I'd recommend svnrepository.com. It installs trac that you should manage assembling your shed.