I'm using home windows 2003R2

VisualSVNServer installs and works easily.

I've been assigned with looking at Mercurial, but I am getting trouble establishing your directory for Apache.

can there be any equivialant from the VisualSVNServer installer for Mercurial?

I'm not sure of 1, but establishing hgwebdir was really quite simple.

Step-by-step instructions

Do you want a Mercurial server?

If you want to share Mercurial databases over your internal company network, you can easily place the repos on the network share.

Obviously, you do not have web access then, but you can handle permissions around the network share via Active Directory.

If you want to test Mercurial, it's as simple as just setting up the command line (hg) and let a directory with a few files:

> hg init .
> hg add <file>
> hg commit -m"log msg"

Also if you wish to have fun with cloning, multiple databases etc, you could utilize exactly the same initial repository so when within it type "hg serve", that will launch a little hg server (no setup needed!), then in some other home windows, you are able to "hg clone", "hg pull", "hg push" etc.

Finally, should you prefer a company-wide installation controlling multiple repos, then either you have to master hgwebdir, otherwise there's additionally a tool known as "Mercurial Server" which can be simpler to create and doesn't requires Apache.

Hope it'll help.