my real question is about Wordpress.

It is possible to method of getting accessibility phrase, pursuing just one publish?

"Love this particular article

For those who have loved this short article consider signing up to the Feed"


In WordPress, content inside your site that's not controlled within the Posts, Pages, Icons or Links within the Administration area more often than not is going to be based in the .php files inside your theme.

So to obtain the test "Love this particular article" you may require acquainted with editing theme files. The chances are this text is within personal files known as index.php and/or single.php, though might be elsewhere also.

In case your website resides inside a folder known as public_html, and wordpress is set up in a directory known as blog, your theme files is going to be only at that path: public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/{theme_name}/. You will have to edit the index.php and/or single.php files only at that path, where {theme_name} may be the directory of the active theme.

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For additional info on Wordpress theming, editing, and exactly what the different files are for, check this out very helpful tutorial.