I've the next planned during my entity:

private Set<RolePlayerCategorySchemeRel> rolePlayerCategorySchemeRelationshipsAsSet = new HashSet<RolePlayerCategorySchemeRel>();
private Set<CategoryScheme> childCategorySchemesAsSet = new HashSet<CategoryScheme>();

The sets are kids of the entity according to IDs. I'm altering the ID of the entity, that ought to result in the child sets change, but they are not. It is because Hibernate is not for whatever reason returning to the database and upgrading the sets.

So, now you ask ,: It is possible to method to pressure Hibernate to update/refresh these sets in the database?

Thanks, Dale

I'd exactly the same problem &lifier came here searching for a solution, but did not locate one.

HOWEVER, Used to do finally solve my problem. I'd the 'inverse' parameter of my Set mapping set to 'true', and also the behavior looked like that which you were explaining above altering it to 'false' remedied the issue. From things i could see within the manuals, along side it from the relationship where inverse is fake eventually ends up manipulating the update behavior.

Hope this can help you.