I have got a wordpress plugin I authored for wordpress and I have to possess the Pages widget enabled for everything to operate correctly. It might be nice basically could enable it myself within the wordpress plugin instead of asking for the consumer to get this done.

Are you aware of a method to do this?

Not quite sure the way your widget works, however, you could auto let the pages widget with the addition of it towards the options table, but you'd need to add code to have the ability to browse the widget storage type after which determine if the web pages widget will come in the right sidebar (you do not say when the widget needs to be enabled inside the same sidebar inside the theme, but I am speculating it does). Then you might also need to determine where you can squeeze pages widget in accordance with others within the sidebar, since position is one thing the wordpress admin usually does around the widget admin tool.

Nevertheless, I believe your best choice is to buy your widget either to raise a mistake or fail silently whether it does not have what it must be effective at run time. You need to have the ability to add text towards the widget config that shows a note concerning the pages widget dependency within the admin widget tool. Whether it may be easily done dynamically, I've not really investigated.