Hi I'm a neeewwwb at anything programming related so I'm not sure if the may even seem sensible. My real question is, it is possible to method to sync a person feedback system (like User Voice or Getsatisfaction) to my website in order to a database for my website? So basically if your user joined info in to the User Voice tool, it might concurrently go to another page on my small site too. ty!

Both UserVoice and GetSatisfaction have APIs with this.

UserVoice has public API readily available for all subscription plans (such as the one that is free), that needs to be sufficient to import data.

GetSatisfaction API does not need you to come with an account and enables anonymous data retrieval (.xml and .json output).

It seems the uservoice api does support some kind of export, though I've no training by using it: http://uservoice.com/faq#api .

My prediction is you'll need a compensated account for your.