I am acquainted with numerous internet based languages available, and many of them are scripting (ASP, JSP, ColdFusion, PHP, etc).

Around the Home windows platform, the only greatest move with ASP.Internet may be the escape from a scripted language.

It is possible to non-scripted language for Linux (LAM+?).
Anything anybody available is applying to get this done? Is Java the solution?

Well Java is most likely the greatest non-scripting language used on the internet on Linux, yes.

What made you include JSP within the "scripting" side? It's really no many believe it or not script-based than ASP.Internet, IMO. (You will find significant variations together, obviously, and also the code-behind facet of ASP.Internet is great - but both take an HTML-like template and compile it right into a class.)

You are able to run asp.internet code using mod mono.

Well, you have ample non scripting languages, you are able to opt for C, C++...

I have also used a C framework, named klone that is pretty nice.

In random order:

  • Pure JSP
  • Struts
  • Java Server Faces
  • Lots of other Java based web platforms
  • Python
  • Perl having its OO features and lots of libraries
  • Ruby

Observe that you will find lot of different internet technologies according to JEE platform. You are able to choose one of these based on project workload along with other pre-requirements.

I don't determine if this list means anything. I guess you are able to uncover lots of other web platforms using google. For those who have another pre-requisite in your mind ...

LLP, Andrea

Exactly what do you mean by "non-scripted language for Linux"?

If you are mentioning to Dynamic Programming Languages generally, then you are passing up on a sizable variety of frameworks, along with a huge community of designers. Python, php, and ruby have many great development platforms, and prosper running a large number of major websites.

If you are searching to test new things, my (biased) recommendation would be to try django ).

Java has it's place, however i (and many more) personally discover the modern dynamic languages considerably faster for web design. Execution speed usually is not an issue, whenever your bottleneck is database and network.

Exactly what do you mean with non-scripted? You are able to run ASP.Internet on Linux with MONO... JSP will operate on Linux too.

For the way you classify Python with mod_python it's available.

what's gandupan?

Scala and also the Lift framework weren't pointed out yet. And you will find much more exotic options for example Haskell.

You are able to essentially use something that can connect with cgi, meaning any language having a C interface, I suppose.

To be sure that Java is most broadly used.