I am presently creating a Wordpress wordpress plugin. I simply grew to become aware to the fact that most major Wordpress hosting conditions continue to be using PHP 5.2. Since security patches for five.2 continue to be launched even though 5.2 is no more formally supported, it greatly appears like 5.2 is not going anywhere soon.

Therefore it appears like I'll have to do some refactoring where I have utilized a couple of 5.3 features, namely late static binding and closures.

Ideally I'd rather not totally trash my 5.3 atmosphere simply to use a 5.2 one. Can there be a way to create a 'compatibility mode' for my 5.3 setup therefore it only accepts valid 5.2 syntax?

There is no method of doing this, you will need to install 5.2.

If you're able to accept catching only syntax level incompatibilities (static::, lambda functions, goto, ...), then you'll have a 5.2 binary within an isolated location and run the syntax check up on the files (php -l) like a build step. You will not get cautioned of using the brand new functions, new arguments, etc. though.