Because the title suggest, I'm wondering if there's a Python module that may access a benefit Database Server (Sybase) files for example ADT and DBF.

I've looked the net and could not determine what I am searching for for this reason I needed to request it here.

I have tried personally pyodbc using the Advantage ODBC driver, and pywin32 using the Advantage OLE DB provider effectively. My own preference may be the pyodbc driver.

There's now a local wrapper at

dbfpy (and several other modules) allow you to read DBF files. I am unaware of similar modules coping with ADT files directly, however i think you will find converters to create DBF files to/from ADT, if worse involves worst.

Another alternative for being able to access ADT files is always to really run sybase advantage using its odbc driver -- if that's achievable, you will find a number of ways for connecting for an ODBC service with Python.