I'm responsible for creating an internet site having a '2-dimensional' site map, as described later.

I'm searching for (ideally a Wordpress wordpress plugin, because the website is built-in Wordpress already) that will make controlling 1000's of pages a great deal simpler.

To describe further, allow me to iterate my situation. I'm creating a website for any construction company, and they've several key metropolitan areas and many key services. Now, they need a parent or gaurdian page for every service, and the other unique page for that child sub-service, and finaly, a grandchild page for that city they're carrying out the service in.

For instance, when they used to do Concrete Construction in La, the URL would seem like:


This content on /los-angeles will be the just like on /malibu, or /burbank.

However, there will be a different group of content for /concrete/design/los-angeles, however the entire page content (sans a couple of variables with city names) will be the same.

It is possible to method to manage or automate 'matrixing' these details on the website? I'm searching for something that will let me easily give a 'city' with similar content across all grandchildren, per the youngsters content needs. All the grandchildren pages may have redundant content across them.

Should something similar to this not exist, how difficult will it be to produce, like a freelance side project? I want something such as this, because I'm approaching about ~500 metropolitan areas and 50 services (Concrete Construction, Concrete Design, Concrete Engineering, etc)

A Content management systems system that supports taxonomy and marking.

For example, Drupal has Taxonony and along with some Taxonomy modules and Sights, you could have virtually 100s of mixtures of Web addresses that pass arguments towards the View and return content. That's only one example though. Lots of Content management systems can facilitate this need. Unsure about Wordpress though, as Posts aren't actually Pages, unless of course you've produced all of the content as Pages.

You might take it one step further too and implement Tokens into content and/or String Overrides to exchange key phrases with dynamic values.

Generate an income would build a storage shed is applying a Templating Engine for you could produce the pages dynamically and cache them or simply create static pages from some inputs and output and allow your web server or WordPress cache all of them with a wordpress plugin, you will find robust templating solutions in nearly every language available. Python, Perl, Ruby would most likely function as the simplest to setup and manage. Choose a language and Google for your language and templating and you ought to find plenty of solutions and select one you're confident with.

Create a php function which get the page URL and split it on "/". In line with the last part, the function should return the title from the city. Then make use of the call for this php function in your pages. As you are using wordpress, you'll curently have php