I am frequently checking your blog which are more recent news, and that i hate always visiting the home page which are more recent publish, sometimes due to the cache stuff the newest publish will not display around the home page for ten minutes approximately.

Therefore if I wish to make the most recent publish the moment the publish is released, it is possible to direct link which are more recent publish? Maybe like http://exampleblog.com/?p=most_recent ?

Well I have attempted a number of ways like Nourishes, nothing works. Anybody understands how to do that?


You will find a couple of plug ins that may do that or you'll have to code a webpage to get it done. There's no prebuilt page or url. One wordpress plugin is "Recent Posts 2.6.2." (many a lot more like it) which is for wordpress and may be seen by visiting something similar to yourblog.com/recent-posts. Or maybe you'd rather hands code an answer a great guide are available by visiting http://keirwhitaker.com/archive/wordpress-get-latest-post-url-function/


Code to retrieve blogs from rss. PHP code I have tried personally and may customize the code simply to acquire one publish

        $rss=new rssFeed($url);
            print "<h1>Error:</h1>\n<p><strong>$rss->error</strong></p>";
            #   print "<p>Provided courtesy of:<br>\n";
            #   print "<a href=\"$rss->link\">$rss->link</a>\n";

and also the rssreader obtainable at http://apptools.com/phptools/downloads/rssreader.zip