I must migrate an internet server from Home windows + IIS to Linux + Apache, but you will find some web pages depend on .exe CGI programs (some financial hand calculators) to create the results. Can there be a good way to obtain this task done?

BTW, I not have the accessibility source code of individuals .exe file. Despite the fact that I've, it might have a very long time to re-code them in PHP or any other languages.

Edit: OK. I make my question more in depth. There's an application inside a web page whose action indicates b .exe file. Once the form is posted, the .exe file creates results in line with the HTTP GET data. The outcomes which should have outputted to console are taken through the webserver to create html.

Wine can perform that job? I simply researched but cannot discover the solution.

Maybe try Wine.

You are able to install Wine around the Linux server. Wine can execute .exe files around the commandline. See http://ftp.winehq.org/pub/wine/docs/en/wineusr-guide.html#RUNNING-WINE .

Around the webserver, after that you can use CGI or PHP to complete the command.

Observe that this might be very untidy, and could have serious security or performance issues discover careful.