i'm using LimitRequestBody to chop from the user if he surpasses my upload limit. IT returns a note such as this

Request Entity Too Big The asked for resource /index.php doesn't allow request data with GET demands, or the quantity of data provided within the request surpasses the capability limit.

Furthermore, a 404 Not Found error was experienced while attempting to make use of an ErrorDocument to handle request. logo design

I am not totally sure what it really wants here.. however it does get triggered when the user surpasses.

Since LimitRequestBody reaches the Apache level (ie, never hits PHP), you have to replace the mistake document in the Apache level. How you do that's with ErrorDocument.

In the output Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request., it appears like there's an ErrorDocument setup, but Apache aren't able to find it.

Essentially, you'll need something similar to:

ErrorDocument 413 /request-too-large.php

The request-too-large.php file will most likely obtain a standard GET request - any Publish parameters is going to be lost, however, you look inside $_SERVER and $_REQUEST to ascertain if there's other things remaining in the original request.

It might take some time to obtain this right when it comes to performing PHP for that error document. If you cannot come right doing the work directly with PHP, make use of a plain HTML page, after which setup a META Redirect and/or JavaScript redirect to transmit you to definitely a PHP page.

You may also place it having a full URL - this can make use of a client-side redirect.